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Selling 3M Electrical TapePT. Mandala Hibar Buana Selling 3M Electrical Tape, is an important component of every installation, repair and manufacturing project. 3M creates Electrical Tape and today we offer Electrical Tape that is durable and reliable, designed to protect in the most challenging environments. 3M Electrical Tape protects, seals and marks applications in the construction and maintenance industry. Electrical equipment and wire harness markers can be counted on 3M's Electrical Tape to provide field-proven insulation, mechanical support, earthing and EMI protection. Protect and attach your electrical installation with 3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes. With strong and flexible PVC support and excellent insulation properties, 3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes withstand moisture, abrasion, corrosion, alkali and acid. Hot or cold weather? No problem. 3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes are fire resistant, UL Listed and CSA certified in a variety of operating temperatures.
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